episode 465

episode 465
stw episode 465

"On those cloudy days, Robert Neville was never sure when the sunset came, and sometimes they were in the street before he could get back."
Richard Matheson
...fins de série 44/78"

but who cares uh ? : episode 465

jack rose - black pearls (peel session 09.06.2004)
human league - the black hit of space
toy dolls - tommy kowey's car
flack off - montague jack farmer
joy division - incubation
kris jensen - torture
haarps - the deepest seize
felix kubin - hotel supernova
lucas santtana - amor em jacumã (a.j. holmes remix feat mariana rabello pinho)
boots mussulli quintet - love is just around the corner (w/ serge chaloff) (09.06.1954)
autococoon - darkscarf
lobo marino - bed of dandelions (chicago, illinois)
line monty - parce que (1954)
nadaprem - her
section 25 - girls don't count
taj mahal - ain't that a lot of love
léo ferré - le piano du pauvre (1954)
andres landero - asi se goza
young marble giants - radio silents
lizzy - president rock
geronimo! - mr president
10 5 neuton - entrance to exit (peel session 09.06.1999)
spoken words taken from "suddenly" (youtube) by lewis allen


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