stw podcast episode 459

episode 459
stw episode 459

"Nobody could sleep. When morning came..."
Norman Mailer
...fins de série 38/78"

but who cares uh ? : episode 459

undertones - thrill me (peel session 14.05.2003)
jimmy witherspoon - free spirits
ruth brown - wild wild young men
yuzo kayama - a traveler
the cure - seventeen seconds
marc loopuyt - taqsim transition 1
the izzys - little sally water
michael yonkers w/ blind shake - I myself
gregory isaacs - down the line
young marble giants - searching for mr right
denise provence - le petit rat (1948)
robert farnon - johnny's dive
the mystery trend - johnny was a good boy
the velvet angels - johnny johnny
musical youth - johnny too bad
replacements - johnny's gonna die
david isaacs - a place in the sun
peggy lee - me and my shadow
suzy solidor - l'inconnue de londres (1948)
kenny clarke - out of nowhere (14.05.1948)
the low lows - wolves eat dogs
triffids - life of crime (peel session 14.05.1985)
spoken words taken from "hollow triumph" by steve sekely


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photo "episode 459" by ZB

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