stw podcast episode 455

episode 455
stw episode 455

"The barometer of his emotional nature was set for a spell of riot."
Charles Jackson
...fins de série 34/78"

but who cares uh ? : episode 455

DCL locomotive - red (peel session 28.04.1986)
christophe - souvenir de laura (excerpt)
david toop - black chamber
leo marjane - perdue pour tout le monde (1944) (excerpt)
beasts of bourbon - rest in peace
the valerie project - death and rebirth
dead or alive - I'm falling
clifford brown - laura (excerpt)
jeffrey luck lucas - I cry you all the time
christophe - souvenir de laura (excerpt)
catherine ribeiro + alpes - jusqu'à ce que la force de t'aimer me manque
opiates - anatomy of a plastic girl (spinello remix) (excerpt)
dee clark - blues, get off my shoulder
rob jacobs - unknown hand
dawn landes - suspicion
freya josephine hollick - two innocents
shirley & dolly collins - poor murdered woman
begushkin - murderer
the abbasi brothers - a long week end
burial - archangel
leo marjane - rose, noir ou gris (1944)
david garland - this is love
holly golightly - tell me now so I know
espers - black is the colour (excerpt)
christina carter - you're so far away (excerpt)
julie london - laura
coleman hawkins & django reinhardt - out of nowhere (28.04.1947)
birthday party - she's hit (peel session 28.04.1981)
spoken words taken from "laura" by otto preminger


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