stw podcast episode 452

episode 452
stw episode 452

"Il se passe des choses, mais qui reviennent toujours semblables.
Things happen, but then they happen over and over again. ...fins de série 31/78"

but who cares uh ? : episode 452

boots for dancing - bend an elbow, lend an ear (peel session 14.04.1982)
marthas & arthurs - farlow
protomartyr - violent
alexander "skip" spence - broken heart
neko case - stinging velvet
jean solar - je te dois (1941)
buffalo moon - black magic
appliance - nocturnal walker
churn milk joan - fell through the sky
vashti bunyan - I'd like to walk around in your mind
birdstriking - colored hearts
the triffids - my baby thinks she's a train
freddy jacobs - lonesome train (14.04.1958)
charles trenet - swing troubadour (1941)
clear light - street singer
david lannan - you ain't going nowhere
les trois chaud - out by midnight
michael j. sheehy - swing low
clay rendering - myrrh is rising
his name is alive - everything takes forever
jawbone - jack rabbit (peel session 14.04.2004)
spoken words taken from "I wake up screaming" by bruce humberstone


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photo "episode 452" by ZB

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