stw podcast episode 449

episode 449
stw episode 449

"...fins de série 28/78"

but who cares uh ? : episode 449

vaults - furry (peel session 02.04.2003)
tommi stumpff - crève petit con
the creation - biff bang pow
fucked up - magic word
the ponys - get black
gilles et julien - la bourrée du diable (1938)
wildbirds and peacedrums - places
can - moonshake
alan morehouse and his bond street brigade - funky fever
talking heads - born under punches
rhythm wreckers - blue yodel nr 5 (02.04.1938)
chas mcdevitt skiffle group - freight train
le volume courbe - freight train
johnny burnette - lonesome train (on a lonesome track) (alternate take)
janine wolf - le petit train
xray eyeballs - barbara
glen johnson - I know you know my name
leo marjane - je ne t'aime plus (1938)
claro intelecto - harsh reality (excerpt)
bodycode - what did you say (excerpt)
aaron myke - blues
jessy lanza - strange emotion
paul bryan - like a rainy night
mighty mighty - is there anyone there (peel session 02.04.1986)
spoken words taken from "night of living dead" by george romero


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