stw podcast episode 446

episode 446
stw episode 446

"fait-maison...fins de série 25/78"

but who cares uh ? : episode 446

raincoats - adventure close to home (peel session 19.03.79)
ray harlowe & gyp fox - go ahead and dance
five starcle men - our house is important
marc mundy - the tragic house
russ'n'paul - heart in the city
robert ravis - in my heart there is a garden
bill haley & four aces of western swing - candy kisses (19.03.49)
eddie callahan - paper rain
assassin of silence - you could have been with me
lys gauty - obsession (1935)
bobb trimble - take me home vienna
valley high school - I'll play for you (excerpt)
sound ceremony - our song
33 1/3 - o my love
thomas p. - modern love
damin eih, a.l.k & brother clark - party hats and olive spats
clint eastwood - I talk to the trees (excerpt)
madrigal - the greenwood tree
les troubadours du roi baudouin - kamuyambi
medical mission sisters - joy is like the rain
the fairfax high school marimba band - besame mucho
georgius - tangos tangos (1935)
the desperates - stupidity
the links - I can see clearly now
kaplan brothers - my eptitaph
champion doug veitch - rodgers and out (peel session 19.03.86)


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