stw podcast episode 445

episode 445
stw episode 445

"...fins de série 24/78"

but who cares uh ? : episode 445

doom - a means to an end/ a dream to come true (peel session 14.03.89)
Gene Janas & Jeffrey Hayden Shurdut - ray gun I
jefre cantu ledesma - the last time i saw your face i thought it was a dying star
the gifted children - something's dead inside
david a. jaycock - half cut but moving swiftly
marianne oswald - le jeu de massacre (13.03.1934)
golinski brothers - bloody
swans - blood on yr hands
gyron V - a blood red rose of 49 petals
fearless vampire killers - herbert's song
wolfgang press - blood satisfaction
valerie project - blood sacrifice
devon irons - vampire
robbie the werewolf - vampire man
jellyfuzz - vampire love
eternal garb - blood vapors
jean sablon - prenez garde au grand méchant loup (1934)
ordnance - cold corners, warm blood I
woods - blood dries darker
happy jawbone family band - there's too much blood in the attic today
folle eglise - 4
spiritualized - angel sigh (peel session 14.03.92)

spoken words taken from jean rollin's movies


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