(stw podcast episode 414)

episode 414
stw episode 414

"count to ten... enter the last season... the end is next."

but who cares uh ? : episode 414

barkmarket - happy (peel session 14.10.90)
hard working boss - birthday
jesus h. foxxx - so the wind won't blow it all away
desperate bicycles - I'm nine
jale - nine years now
dinowalrus - what now
craters - now, baby
wanda jackson - let's have a party
PLVS VLTRA - birthday party
suicide - dance
robyn hitchcock - grooving on a inner plane
eskimeaux - tonight (excerpts)
walker brothers - nite flights
dangaa - flight of the eagle (excerpt)
gang colours - dance around the subject excerpt)
anthony shakir - travelers (excerpt)
trentemoller - nightwalker
jezzebeam - theme for a wandering nobody
doc daneeka - hold on
jessy lanza - keep moving
phyllis dillon - close to you
the space lady - radar love
four tet - eat your own ears (peel session 14.10.03)


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photo "episode 414" by ZB

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