stw podcast episode 395

episode 395
stw episode 395

souvenirs du futur
... blacked out ... black ice ... blacked out ... black ice ... black.

"Ce furent quatorze années d'enfer, en tout et pour tout, mais c'est à peine si elle s'en rendit compte. L'essentiel du temps, elle vivait dans un état d'hébétude si profond qu'on aurait dit la mort (...)"
S. King. Rose Madder.

(future memories of yesterday)... blacked out ... black ice ... blacked out ... black ice ... black.
" It was fourteen years of hell, all told, but she hardly knew it. For most of those years she existed in a daze so deep it was like death (...)"
S. King. Rose madder

but who cares uh ? : episode 395

jim jarmusch - dead man (excerpt)
the delgados - I've only just started to breathe (peel session 13.05.95)
owen temple quartet - I'm in a transe
bi marks - f*ck my generation
crave - lookout james
142 - sophisticate
deadverse - ghost of something
jim jarmusch - dead man (excerpt)
run forever - good enough
cold look - zavaros vízfelszín
142 - inopportune
hielo en varsovia - muelles
ideal forms - time travel
shady blaze - no brakes
jim jarmusch - dead man (excerpt)
novva falla - cold eyes
the ambulars - growing cold
madder rose - (living a) daydream
quiet loudly - deleting people is easy
the chapin sisters - some sweet day
jim jarmusch - dead man (excerpt)
bunwinkies - fretful and lost
adventures - walking
Timezone Lafontaine, Andras Jones, Sandman The Rappin' Cowboy, and Calvin Johnson - the highwaymen
I dream in transit - night dog
arborea - pale horse phantasm
jim jarmusch - dead man (excerpt)
emily portman - sleeping beauty
from barbara nero - apparition blues
the delgados - lazarwalker (peel session 13.05.95)
jim jarmusch - dead man (excerpt)


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