stw podcast episode 392

episode 391
stw episode 392

souvenirs du futur
... blacked out ... black ice ... blacked out ... black ice ... black.

"La flamme du cierge et l'image de la flamme du cierge captives dans le trumeau vacillèrent puis se relevèrent quand il entra dans le vestibule et de nouveau quand il referma la porte."
Cormac McCarthy. De si jolis chevaux

(future memories of yesterday)... blacked out ... black ice ... blacked out ... black ice ... black.
"The candleflame and the image of the candleflame caught in the pierglass twisted and righted when he entered the hall and again when he shut the door."
Cormac McCarthy. All the pretty horses

but who cares uh ? : episode 392

d. lynch - twin peaks (excerpt)
the moles - speed (peel session 28.11.92)
graves - how did you die
d. lynch - twin peaks (excerpt)
bryant eugene vazquez - cover yer ears, darlin'
Foton Kusagi - maybe I'm someone else
clipping - killer (feat. kill rogers)
d. lynch - twin peaks (excerpt)
deadverse - equations
haldol - conversations with holy men
oblivion seekers - no depression
bryant eugene vazquez - purple fringe
them savages - two birds
d. lynch - twin peaks (excerpt)
the queue sisters - kwala mangihambe
reflex rex - midday dreamer
the blind shake - garbage on glue
sexy beast - ratbags
cat party - reflection or illusion
d. lynch - twin peaks (excerpt)
nick cave & the bad seeds - we real cool
d. lynch - twin peaks (excerpt)
jak locke - let's be strangers
blackfeet braves - strange lovers
the sinclair sinclair - everyone around me is desperate for love
the chapin sisters - love hurts
d. lynch - twin peaks (excerpt)
geronimo! - immortality
the fall - immortality (peel session 15.02.92)
d. lynch - twin peaks (excerpt)


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