stw podcast episode 390

episode 390
stw episode 390

souvenirs du futur
... blacked out ... black ice ... blacked out ... black ice ... black.

(...) "Il comprit qu'il s'agissait là d'un nouvel avertissement que lui envoyaient des forces obscures (...)"
Thomas Pynchon. Vineland

(future memories of yesterday)... blacked out ... black ice ... blacked out ... black ice ... black.
"(...) He understood it to be another deep nudge from forces unseen (...)"
Thomas Pynchon. Vineland.

but who cares uh ? : episode 390

martin scorsese - les affranchis (excerpts)
tad - delinquent (peel session 05.07.90)
t-shirt weather - my baby takes the morning train to gotham
shockwace riderz - cruisin' the night
96wrld - pirmas rudeninis
scorsese - les affranchis (excerpt)
clipping - this song is a drug deal (clipping. remix)
m. scorsese - les affranchis (excerpt)
papuga - need sugar
art melody -yamb sabaab
cranes - dada 331 (I dreamed)
DOWNSTAAIIRS - wish you had
bi marks - ascension
zageron - tu
scorsese - les affranchis (excerpt)
the color and sound - bruised and battered
deadverse - chapters
marxist brothers - sekuro ndipeiwo zano
neon leather drip - shake it
chimurenga renaissance - we need to talk
scorsese - les affranchis (excerpt)
manipulation - parts and labor
giovanni marks - for me, the world
high marks - brass rosary (3amdrugmix)
blackfeet braves - trippin' like I do
scorsese - les affranchis (excerpt)
metropolitan police male voice choir - when I'm 64
sink - one final kick in the head (peel session 20.06.90)
scorsese - les affranchis (excerpt)


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