stw podcast episode 388

episode 388
stw episode 388

souvenirs du futur
... blacked out ... black ice ... blacked out ... black ice ... black.

"Aujourd'hui, ou plutôt hier, il m'a dit qu'il importait de ne pas accepter la vie comme une approximation brutale."
Jim Harrison. Dalva.

(future memories of yesterday)... blacked out ... black ice ... blacked out ... black ice ... black.
"It was today - rather yesterday I think - that he told me it was important not to accept life as a brutal approximation."
Jim Harrison. Dalva.

but who cares uh ? : episode 388

bela tarr - damnation (excerpt)
plant bach ofnus - pydredd (peel session 02.03.88)
hard working boss - images
southern femisphere - abeezmo
school knights - silicone drip
catholic spit - I'm your god now
bela tarr - damnation (excerpt)
cotillon - dream girl/infection suite
jak locke - strange town (straight nowhere)
twin/venus - black night air
run forever - forget
mr jenkins - daydream machine
bela tarr - damnation (excerpt)
yolanda - warm glow
foton kusagi - maybe I'm someone else
norms - strangers
uj bala - the rothko chapel
bela tarr - damnation (excerpt)
american war - city
bela tarr - damnation (excerpt)
kal marks - eat rotten fruit from a shitty tree
owl and the beast - the sleeping astronaut
ideal forms - state of the state
manipulation - crisis
electric healing sound - sure thing
bela tarr - damnation (excerpt)
ascetic: - I burn
loop - this is where you end (peel session 27.06.88)
bela tarr - damnation (excerpt)


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