stw podcast episode 371

photo by zb
stw episode 371

ça n'est plus ça...

but who cares uh ? : episode 371

j.l. godard. j.p. belmondo. à bout de souffle (excerpt)
dance fault - no surprise (peel session 08.09.82)
horrid red - nothing in my heart
automotive high school - look. it's gone.
detective - I'd rather run
o. preminger, un si doux visage v.f (excerpt)
cock and swan soft setting (excerpt)
j. rollin, fascination (excerpt)
three winters - at the centre of dystopia
selofan - kissing the sky
contre jour - nonsense
j.l. godard, van doude, j. seberg - à bout de souffle (excerpt)
jade & the disfellowshipped - give way (excerpt)
drose - a cry
m.carné, les enfants du paradis (excerpt)
the dirty nil - zombie eyed
r.siodmak, les tueurs v.f. (excerpts)
nevernudes - open lipped wound
dennis bovell roots united - fall babylon
spectre folk - I don't know
j.l. godard, j. seberg - à bout de souffle (excerpt)
adrian sherwood - effective (excerpt)
high tension - high risk high rewards
curmudgeon - expel
crystal swells - freaks in heat
the mash hens - grips
brothers hand mirror - bleeding apparition (excerpt)
blindfolder - the end (excerpt)
jl godard, a. karina, alphaville (excerpt)
prince far I - the conquest
handsome bastards - chuck berry's new sound
j.l. godard, à bout de souffle (excerpts)
samara lubelski - age of decay
the new flesh - age of reason
gary war, find our way (excerpt)
the whoopass girls - let's get insecure
r. brautigan, boo forever (excerpt)
f.j. ossang, le tresor des îles chiennes (excerpt)
sustentacula - counsels and maxims
harvey's rabbit - is this what you call change (peel session 23.07.94)
j.l godard, j.seberg, d. boulanger (excerpt)


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photo "episode 371" by ZB

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