stw podcast episode 261

photo by zb
stw episode 261

go tell it on the mountain h's back ...hopefully

who cares how you'll play it : episode 261 (56'25 - env. 50 mo)''

distribution :
expo 70 - the gathering (a/b 'sonic messenger')
trumpets of death -cruel ships captain (a/b)
grouper - soul eraser (a/b)
niggas with guitars - milky white (a/b 'ethnic frenzy')
natural snow buildings - this ice fortress (a/b)
parachute pulse - a well staring at the sky (a/b)
ignatz - back in the seat (a/b)
je suis le petit chevalier - rainbow's gravity (a/b)
antonymes - the gospel pass (a/b)
david newlyn doubt (a/b)
the deeep - slow coaster (a/b)
sean mccann - unfolding angels (a/b)

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photo "episode 261" by ZB

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