stw podcast episode 232

photo by zb
stw episode 231

mix'd b/ edwin shot
play loud (42'45 - env. 40 mo)

distribution :
bleeding heart narrative - perun (a/b)
the body lyre - leaves of grass (a/b)
and the earth swarmed them - as we drove (archive)
glass graves - corrine (a/b)
the dwindlers- wenn's dream (a/b)
ghostacles - what you didn't do becomes a ghost (a/b)
tenshun - mental suicide 16 (a/b)
ten millions lights - kill yr idols (a/b)
grave babies - skeletal shades (a/b)
buzz aldrin - machine 2999,99 (a/b)
aTelecine - ...night november (a/b)

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photo "episode 232" by ZB, ghost

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