stw podcast episode 230

photo by zb
stw episode 230

mix'd b/ edwin shot
play it loud (55'22 - env. 50 mo)''

distribution :
tv girl - if you want it (a/b)
caged animals - the rainfall (a/b)
arborea - blue crystal fire (kickstarter projct)
mount pleasant - ghost extensions (a/b)
selebrities- time (a/b)
dark art - glass (a/b)
mastermind xs - memories of machines (a/b)
splash wave - liberation (beko 04)
labyrinth ear - wild flowers (a/b)
supergoose - the birds and the bees (beko 58)
black mekon - backseat bebe (a/b)
mess folk - you're too pretty (i wanna kill you) (a/b)
arkitype - a girl (a/b)
househeld objects - receivered (a/b)
pickpocket plus - dead twins (a/b)
comic strips - drip drop (a/b)
the feeling of love - no fun (beko box2)

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photo "episode 230" by ZB

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