stw podcast episode 228

photo by zb
stw episode 228

guest mix b/ edwin shot
play it loud (54'24 - env. 50 mo)''

distribution :
ghostacles - lesson number one (a/b)
olds sleeper -the philosopher speaks to horses (a/b)
growlers - graveyard's full (a/b)
glass vaults - forget me not (a/b)
mount pleasant- I lost a friend today (a/b)
this is the kit - earthquake (a/b)
michael parallax - lost river old river pt 1 &2 (a/b)
spectrals - dip your toe in (a/b)
blouse - into black (a/b)
altar eagle - six foot arms (a/b)
racecardriver - like to swim (a/b)
autre ne veut - new depth (a/b)
the body lyre - chainsmoker (a/b)
vehicle blues - changer (a/b)
jane distortion - you make me sick (a/b)
horses - my tired heart (a/b)
totem pole - counting all the sheep (a/b)

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photo "episode 228" by ZB

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