stw podcast episode 182

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stw episode 182

play it on a xmasdaily basis very loud until your neighbours hate me (57'22- 56mo)

Tracklist :
birmingham jubilee singers - wade in the water (a/b)
arni cheatham - road through the wall pt 2 (a/b)
odetta - go tell it on the mountain (a/b)
zaza - faith in the faithless (a/b)
eilen jewell - no place to go (a/b)
illuminations - no hello (a/b)
the fresh and onlys - love and kindness (a/b)
glaxo babies - this is your life (a/b)
talk normal - outside (a/b)
bad secrets - in the woods (a/b)
starving weirdos - ritual prayer (a/b)
m. geddes gengras - suncatcher (a/b)
noor jehan - zindagi majboor hai lachar hai

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