feuilles d'automne 14

photo zb
stw episode special 048

La photo
La musique. (chaque mercredi jusqu'à l'hiver/ each wednesday until winter),
de haut en bas et de gauche à droite  :
so the wind podcast episode special 048 :
play it "last&leastautumnly" LOUD (56'28- 55mo)

Tracklist :
inca ore - everlasting fountain (a/b)
charalambides - memory (a/b)
peaking lights - owls barning (a/b)
yuma nora - rundry (a/b)
dylan ettinger & the heat - miami heat (the stakeout) (a/b)
loopool - observation of the world (a/b)
bobby birdman - be warned (a/b)
mythical beast - blind river (a/b)
sun araw - get low (a/b)
valet - thirteenth time (a/b)
topaz rags - sightings (a/b)

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photo "episodespecial048" by ZB

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