stw podcast episode 180

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stw episode 180

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la musique : ...lunmarmercrejeuvendresamedimanche... dans ma tête, ça a fait pschitt!
play it "unweakly" & repeatedly loud until your neighbours 8 me (58'23- 56mo)

Tracklist :
elvis costello - welcome to the working week (a/b)
david crosby - is it really monday (perro tapes)
richard youngs - all day monday and tuesday (a/b)
aaron espe - tuesday morning (a/b)
the end of the world - tuesday become wednesday (a/b)
levy - wednesday (a/b)
wolfgang dauner - thursday morning sunrise (a/b)
rio en medio - friday (a/b)
the sugars - black friday (a/b)
the undertones - when saturday comes (a/b)
oneida - saturday (a/b)
his clancyness - sunday morning demo (s.o)
homeland - it's weekend but it seems we are getting nowhere (a/b)
boris - ...and hear nothing (a/b)

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