feuilles d'automne 11

photo zb
stw episode special 045

La photo
La musique. (chaque mercredi jusqu'à l'hiver/ each wednesday until winter),
de haut en bas et de gauche à droite  :
so the wind podcast episode special 045 :
play it autumnly LOUD (55'30- 54mo)

Tracklist :
mary anne paterson - come all ye fair and tender maidens (a/b)
cowboy junkies - I'm so lonesome I could cry (a/b)
christina carter - farm (a/b )
caethua - beneath the rock and bone (a/b)
tamaryn - sarah in the aeadrone (a/b)
p.i.l - banging the door (a/b)
contortions - I don't want to be happy (a/b)
boris - hey everyone (a/b)
cowboys international - thrash (a/b)
dave ball - sincerity (a/b)
eyeless in gaza - the 3d picture (a/b)
monks of the balhill - le chant du dernier cormoran (a/b)
celer - a sorted ending (a/b)

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photo "episodespecial045" by ZB

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