stw podcast episode 152

photo zb
stw episode 152

turn your speakers sideways ! (45'04- 43mo)

Tracklist :
reid anderson - abolish bad architecture (a/b)
hobo cubes - politics of ecstasy (a/b see myspace)
the rats - contradictions (a/b)
ruth allison - some went down (a/b)
ting tsin - yong yuan shou zhu ta (a/b)
anni hogan - senseless (a/b)
loner deluxe - dorset sound (redesign of plinth) (a/b)
the slowmovies - your broken lamp (a/b)
muarena helena - he moved in on monday (a/b)
jacob harris - memorial of an era (d/l)

photo "episode152" by ZB

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