stw podcast episode 146

photo zb
stw episode 145

play it loud! (52'17 - 50mo)

Tracklist :
extra life - bled white (a/b)
the blithe sons - in the shade of earth (a/b)
sizzle ohtaka - semah (a/b)
54 seconds - meaningless conversation (a/b)
shelleyan orphan - how a seed is sown (a/b)
speck mountain - twinlines (a/b)
mayor's dance band - bere bote (a/b)
mv & ee - freight train (a/b)
grouper - sang their way (a/b)
loner deluxe - faraway trees (a/b)
big blood - the birds & the herds (a/b)
aalto - vedenneito (a/b)
last days - this is not an ending (a/b)
...mais presque...

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photo "episode146" by ZB

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