jeudi. or at least until this feeling goes away.

image by zb
the turtle

ray rumours
the turtle

(française version)
Quiconque me rappelle l'époque heureuse, charmante et insouciante où mes haut-parleurs diffusaient les Marines Girls - beach party, lazy ways - (ou Tracey Thorn, a distant shore) ne peut qu'occuper une place particulièrement chère dans mon coeur. Ainsi Ray Rumours.

(englikhtonian version)
Whoever reminds me the happy times, charming and carefree, when, through my loudspeakers, Marines Girls flow - beach party, lazy ways - (or Tracey Thorn 's distant shore), this one can't but occupy a place particularly dear to my heart. Ray Rumours does so, in my heart...

ray rumours
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ray rumours - mr bear
marine girls - a place in the sun

photo by zb ghost

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