stw podcast episode 139

photo zb
stw episode 139

play it loud! (30'32 - 29mo)

Tracklist :
drahomira song orchestra - the brainwashing gift of uncommon wisdom (d/l)
brimstone howl - bad seed (a/b)
pretty things - come see me (a/b)
celebrity chimp - not a man (a/b)
off with their heads - I am you (a/b)
the rest - sheep in wolfes' clothing (a/b)
robert mitchum - ballad of thunder road (a/b)
ting tsin - hui king lang (a/b)
daytime volume - trouble beyond the fence (a/b)
holly golightly - there is an end (a/b)
petit mal - song to shout in the ruins (a/b)

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bonus (youtube, vimeo)
brimstone howl - one quick minute
celebrity chimp at (music born)
barzin - leaving time
off with their heads - f*ck this I'm out

photo by zb

La face du dessous questionne : how are you.
La face du dessus répond : so bored.
Traversée du silence.
des fois on se demande et on y pense des fois.. à des choses très jasonlivingstoniennes
Lèvres closes. Indice 152.

contrast podcast 152

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