stw podcast episode 138

photo zb
stw episode 138


play it loud! (51'36 - 49mo)

Tracklist :
circuit des yeux - penance blues (a/b)
the craftmen club - desert land (a/b)
alain bashung - suzanne (a/b)
yoko ono - why not (a/b)
suzanne langille & loren m. connors - horses blues (a/b)
brown bird - I was blind (a/b)
peter broderick - maps (a/b)
sonny & linda sharrock - gary's step (a/b)
reid anderson - reclusive (a/b)
david sylvian - how little we need (a/b)
congo norvell - the blue sky (a/b)

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bonus (youtube, vimeo)
cro magnon charlie
craftmen club - gary blood
marcel kanche & alain bashung
brown bird - stator to the rotor
the bad plus - smells like teen spirit
peter ivers

photo "episode138:lumière extérieure" by ZB ghost

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