stw podcast the frenchh series 2009 (3)

photo zb
stw the french series 2009-3

joue le clairement FORT! (44' - 42mo)

Playlist :
drahomira song orchestra - commodore vermillion (d/l)
lozninger - sunday (I will play) (a/b) (sold out at source)
my broken frame - clouds (a/b)
ruth - mots (a/b)
piou - inconnue (a/b)
mansfield t.y.a - le plafond (a/b)
the cosmic mandoliners - 04.05.35 (a/b)
charles de goal - retour au dancing (a/b)
belone quartet - o' anna (a/b)
colin chloe - les equilibristes (a/b)
marianne dissard - indiana song (a/b)
centenaire - ending fast (a/b)
up to the ground - whisper treears (d/l)

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bonus (youtube, vimeo)
lozninger - nobody knows
my broken frame - no one
ruth - mots
marianne dissard - cayenne
mansfield tya - sur le plafond
belone quartet - the cure
colin chloé, fille de l'eau et au repos

photo "stw frenchh series 2009" by ZB

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