stw podcast episode 137

photo zb
stw episode 137

en attendant un vrai hommage...
until a real tribute later in the year
play it loud! (43'35 - 42mo)

Tracklist :
cramps - surfin' dead (acheter/buy)
hunters and collectors - talking to a stranger (acheter/buy)
teenage jesus & the jerks - orphans (acheter/buy)
dean carter - jailhouse rock (acheter/buy)
eddy current suppression ring - sunday's coming (acheter/buy)
nothing people - sickness (acheter/buy)
cramps - psychotic reaction (acheter/buy)
yura yura teikoku - soft ni shindeiru (acheter/buy)
cramps - the way I walk (acheter/buy)
robyn hitchcock - goodnight I say (acheter/buy)
j. tillman - new imperial grand blues (acheter/buy)
cramps - primitive (acheter/buy)

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bonus (youtube)
eddy current suppression ring - get up morning
hunters & collectors - talking to a stranger
robyn hitchcock and the egyptians - heaven
teenage jesus & the jerks w/thurston moore

UPDATE de la fin de semaine : lux & ivy's favorites (wfmu)

photo "episode137:lumière intérieure" by ZB

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