stw podcast episode special 027

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stw episode special fresh poulp records

Special Fresh Poulp records
play it superloud! (41'30 - 40mo)

Tracklist :
rafiralfiro - original version fpr 028
rafiralfiro - recycled rmx< fpr 028
atone - à l'aube fpr 001
laglitch - yo tambien opino fpr 016
duck - another offer fpr 008
tsunami wazahari - ocean expansion (feat. Espoir) fpr 029
pitbull the sexy dog - dubizan fpr 025
guitoud - light and fly fpr 029
roots ista posse - roots rocker dub fpr 019
the orientalist - entering the mommy grave (lo fi dusty dub mix) fpr 004
pix - no more questions fpr 024

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photo "episodespecial27" by ZB


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