stw podcast episode 135

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stw episode 135

message : Froid. Humidité. stop. Mal de gorge. Rhume carabiné. stop. envie de tout envoyer paître.stop quelle musique pour sinus bouchés stop
réponse : point d'interrogation stop ou d'exclamation stop après bouchés stop.

Message: Cold. Humidity. stop. Sore throat. Nasty cold. stop. want to tell everyone where to go. stop what music to stop clogged sinuses. stop.
Answer: question mark. stop. or exclamation. stop. after sinuses. stop.

play it loud! as loud as your head allows! (38'45 - 37mo)

Tracklist :
senking - mist (acheter/buy)
alec k.redfearn - governor,rear (acheter/buy)
einsturzende neubauten - ich komme davon (acheter/buy)
final - disordered (acheter/buy)
witthuser & westrupp - trippo nova (acheter/buy)
phosphorescent - a picture of our torn up praise (acheter/buy)
marc sarrazy - song for an alter ego (clinical jazz cd 9)

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