stw podcast the frenchh series 2009 (2)

photo zb
stw the french series 2009-2

joue le clairement FORT!
(38'36 - 35mo)

Playlist :
eleanor l. vault - my lips, soft and grey (acheter/buy)
arch woodmann - slowly singing (acheter/buy via myspace)
my name is nobody - one heart beating louder (acheter/buy via myspace)
centenaire - castle (acheter/buy)
belone quartet - to her soul (acheter/buy)
les chats creves - toujours vivant, toujours vivant (d/l)
alain bashung - tant de nuits (acheter/buy)
half asleep - I'm watching tv, tv's watching me (d/l)
flowers from the man who shot your cousin - girls (acheter/buy)
this melodramatic sauna - the automat (acheter/buy via my space)
david fakenahm - cardboard (acheter/buy/contact my space)

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UPDATE du jour : les 6 albums, publiés chez Creation records, de Momus sur ubuweb (+ annotations)

photo "stw frenchh series 2009" by ZB