stw podcast episode no number (134)

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stw episode 134

Vous voudriez des renseignements sur... ? Je ne vous dirai rien. La liste vous dit déjà tout ce que vous désirez savoir. En rajouter serait...

You'll want some infos about...? I won't tell you anything. The list tells you everything you want to know. Add something would be...

play it loud! (44'15 - 42mo)

Tracklist :
the four lads - dry bones
soft cell - numbers (acheter/buy)
carmen miranda vs koen holtkamp - I yi yi yi walker (acheter/buy)
sylvie walder - A Critical Dance (from the neighbours' point of view)(excerpt) (the taboo project)
immune - recorded home (acheter/buy)
current 93 - birds have stopped to sing (acheter/buy)
christina carter - original darkness (acheter/buy)
franz schubert - moment musical nr 3 (maria joao pires) (acheter/buy)
koen holtkamp - you mean the world to me (acheter/buy)
the crainium - the roles that we play : dead ended game... (acheter/buy)
liliput - a silver key can open an iron lock somewhere (acheter/buy)
nurse with wound - livin' with the night (acheter/buy)
wareika hill sounds - africa freedom march (acheter/buy)

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