mercredi. enfance, souvenirs et scarabées

photo by zb
moths wings for john, excerpt

sleeps in oysters
moths' wings for john (excerpt)

voici comment ils l'ont fabriqué/ here's how to make a sleeps in oysters cd package


ce que j'ai reçu / what I received:

étape 1a étape 1b

et ce que j'en ai fait/ and what I've done with it:

étape 2

zoom : 1, 2 & 3

sleeps in oysters
acheter/buy "We Kept The Memories Locked Away Like The Beetles Of Our Childhood" ou direct via seed records
(agir vite/ go quick only 200 ex)

bonus (youtube)
sleeps in oysters at slaughter lamb, london

photos by ZB

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