stw podcast episode 127

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stw episode 127

play it superloud! (39'50 - 37mo)

Playlist :
velvet davenport - trip with ratty (acheter/buy)
wavves - space raider
dmonstrations - flying saucer
iran - sailors
tourette's lautrec - saturn's children (acheter/buy)
the fall - serum (acheter/buy)
all the saints - farmacia (acheter/buy)
vodka soap - track 6 (acheter/buy)
cja - mount the dragon (acheter/buy via rural faune)
tyvek - honda (acheter/buy)
mindflayer - I fell into a pool of crawling chaos
sightings - this most real of hells (acheter/buy)

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bonus (youtube)
wavves - so bored

photo "episode127" by ZB

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