stw podcast episode 082

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stw podcast episode 082

those books are there, with the subtle secrets of invisibility and a dozen other strange secrets written therein ( it Loud...) (39'50 - 36mo)

Playlist :
simptom pogremushki - tune in simptom pogremushki (clinical archives)
double leopards - sound holes acheter/buy
mitchell akiyama - strategies for combating invisibility acheter/buy
saddleback - shot through acheter/buy
golden death music - ephemera blues acheter/buy
phon° noir - we'll still miss the future acheter/buy
beth custer & the joe goode performance group - finally acheter/buy
eyeless in gaza - invisibility acheter/buy
sun ra - there are other worlds (they have not told you of) acheter/buy

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bonus (youtube)
simptom pogremushki - mishka meets the ufo
double leopards
beth custer
eyeless in gaza
sun ra - face the music
mitchell akiyama

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