stw podcast episode 081

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stw podcast episode 081

something's got to give ( it Loud...) (37'50 - 35mo)
ou 2008 va succéder à 2007 comme 1975 à 1974 (à moins que ce ne soit 1974 à 1973)
or 2008 is about to follow 2007 like 1975 did for 1974 (or was it 1974 and 1973 ?)

Playlist :
magik markers - axis mundi acheter/buy
kites - glitter raider in the hall of triumph acheter/buy
mialessot - fucking pissed off acheter/buy
s-s-s-spectres - raise your guns acheter/buy
der tpk - destroy the future acheter/buy
times new viking - new times new hope acheter/buy
boris & keiji haino - not knowing if it will be agony or comfort for us acheter/buy
heavy winged - death instinct
carlos giffoni - a proper end acheter/buy
etant donnés & alan vega - ghost rider
pete the pirate squid - all my friends put records out acheter/buy

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bonus (youtube)
magic markers - taste
ghost moth at monkeytown
SSSSpectres - witches vs wolves
times new viking - thing with a hook
boris - death valley
carlos giffoni
etant donnés w/genesis p. orridge
subway sect - we oppose all rock'n'roll

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