stw pod.netlab. iss 010

photo zb
stw netlabel issue 010

test /-010 (40'40 - 38mo)''
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Playlist :
double trouble - bring the angels back 20.000 feet ep, (this-side music)
melmono - love is a gun feat dorothée s one, (dcc-records)
giscard le survivant - chapitre 7 le reve silencieux, (abyssa)
hiroshi oki - life change amatarasu ep, (digital diamonds)
siblings - think in spanish litter ep, (no type)
jupitter goes quattrocento - straight lines to zero zero distance, (sundays in spring)
shintaro aoki - ayawauta sai no uta ayawauta ep, (mizukage records)
parade me - honesty is a weapon let's talk about muertepop vol. 2, (muertepop)

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photo "test10" by ZB

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