3 YEARS ? Well... yes, and here we go again

photo zb
stw podcast episode 068

(française version)
15.10.2004: naissance du blog
05.01.2005: rit aux éclats
09.03.2005 : émet ses premiers sons ressemblant à des mots. Presque
10.01.2006 : premiers pas
et puis... et puis... aujourd'hui. Trois ans. Il faudra attendre encore deux ans avant que mes parents me mettent à l'école pour que j'y apprenne à lire, écrire et compter....

(englikhtonian version)
2004, oct. 15th: birth of the blog.
2005, jan. 05th:first burst of laughter.
2005, mar. 09th: first sounds alike words. Nearly.
2006, jan. 10th: first steps.
and so.. and so... today. Three years. It will take another two years before my parents send me to school so that I can learn how to read, write and count...

stw podcast : episode 068 (62'05 - 60mo)
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rod bernard - this should go on forever acheter/buy
tar...feathers - forever is quite some time acheter/buy
dominique comont - alter iguane acheter/buy
earl sixteen - monday morning acheter/buy
misty in roots - wanderer acheter/buy
samalat - betfout (feat. mahmoud fadl)
meneguar - hurry up acheter/buy
pink military - blood and lipstick
undertones - get over you acheter/buy
baroque dub - blue note
synb - electric gladiators acheter/buy
michaela melian - manifesto acheter/buy
stroszek - the night porter acheter/buy
the terminals - out on a blue moon acheter/buy
jesca hoop - havoc in heaven acheter/buy
matteah baim - faraway songs acheter/buy

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bonus : (youtube)
rod bernard
tar...feathers -build me a wreck
misty in roots - poor and needy
meneguar - freshman thoughts
pink industry - what I wouldn't give

photo "3 ans" by ZB

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