stw special JPeeL.-D issUE

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stw special john peel day issue 08

test /-08 (63'43 - 60mo)''
(play it loud)

Playlist :
ambulance - I can see Mars acheter/buy
motors - dancing the night away acheter/buy
charlie feathers - get with it acheter/buy
white stripes - hypnotize acheter/buy
eddie & ernie - that's the way it is acheter/buy
yami bolo - richard corry (feat. ken boothe) acheter/buy
earl sixteen - when will I get pay acheter/buy
misty in roots - lifeboat (john peel session) acheter/buy
celia mara - jade acheter/buy ou via calabash
andre williams & 2star tabernacle - ramblin' man acheter/buy
mudboy - in which the sea hag is lead away or we by she acheter/buy
boards of canada - aquarius acheter/buy
soulstatedub - soulless easy daze minordust
mattress - have you heard acheter/buy
the slop - cathode ray baby the slop
electro hippies -mega armaggedon death acheter/buy
buzzcocks - ever fallen in love acheter/buy
undertones - teenage kicks acheter/buy
the fall - eat y'self fitter acheter/buy
bill oddie - harry krishna
plus john peel's voice : excerpts taken from "Desert Island Discs" (1989) and T.Rex's "Frowning Atahualpa"
thanks to john peel everyday, fades in slowly, john peel's record box
and the whole john peel fans community around the world

bonus (youtube)
white stripes - hypnotize
yami bolo -dubplate sessions
misty in roots - jah sees... jah knows
celia mara - mercado modelo
andre williams - jailbait
boards of canada - aquarius
the slop - microbeat
buzzcocks - ever fallen in love
undertones recording teenage kicks
the fall - so it goes
ukulele orchestra of great britain - teenage kicks
and stuff...

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photo "my JP tribute wall" by ZB

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