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stw podcast episode 047

stw podcast : episode 047 (44'05 - 42mo)
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Playlist :
devolver - fishing bodies acheter/buy
the limes - big top head
big blood - past time acheter/buy
the hellsayers - time is a bird in your eyes acheter/buy
the builders and the butchers - spanish death song acheter/buy
coil - heaven's blade acheter/buy
action dead mouse - the day grandma died acheter/buy
strountes - I turned in the room sleepless acheter/buy
sainkho namtchylak - midnight blue "naked spirit" (emusic)

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bonus : (youtube)
sainkho namtchylak
coil - live in berlin 02
coil - live new york

Concert : Wayne Robbins & the Hellsayers seront au Point Ephemere, mardi 29 mai.

photo "047" by ZB

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