hieroglyphic ways to challenge the throne

photo zb
stw podcast episode 043

stw podcast : episode 043 (42'36 - 39mo)
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Playlist :
rogue thief - frontline "history of things to come EP"
mugstar - man with supersight acheter/buy
mika miko - challenge the throne acheter/buy
trinity - promise is a comfort to a fool acheter/buy
pablo moses - I see it everyday acheter/buy
fela kuti - suffering and smiling acheter/buy
levi fuller - robots are real, they are all around you, and they are coming for you right now. "the I is not always me"
bastard fairies - we're all going to hell acheter/buy
lauri des marais - nostalgia "silber on silber
sun kil moon - exit does not exist acheter/buy

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bonus : (youtube)
mika miko - ivy room
pablo moses - pave the way
fela kuti - army arrangement
bastard fairies - we're all going to hell
red house painters - katy's song

photo "yell o' blue" by ZB