chills, pills, headaches, thrills 'n' cold

photo zb
stw podcast episode 042

stw podcast : episode 042 (41'36 - 39mo)
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Playlist :
...from my sick bed, shiverin' and feverish, I thought of all the headaches' sufferin' pinched faces
thomas leer, robert rental - six a.m. acheter/buy
seamus (amir baghiri, stefano gentile) - sorrow remix for koji tano get the 10 cds tribute to koji tano
circle - manni acheter/buy ''(ektro)''
temporal de torbellinos - desear "temporal de torbellinos" ''(umor rex)''
delia derbyshire - nightwalker
nic bommarito - the academic - life and afterlife here or on (12rec)
tortoise - along the banks of the rivers acheter/buy
oto efekt - see "living room ep" (poni republic)

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bonus : (youtube)
thomas leer - paths of least resistance
delia derbyshire
tortoise - salt the skies

photo "asleep" by ZB