happy to be...

photo zb
oh my my

connie acher & blind drunk john
oh my my

Paleo's diary : one song, each day
when nothing was impossible

(française version)
S'oublier. Se fondre.
En deux mots

(englikhtonian version)
Forget thyself. Melt thyself.
Into words.

connie acher & blind drunk john
acheter/buy "for the love of it" or directly at flipped out rec.

bonus 4 the we
brain in a jar (with a live set from connie acher and blind drunk john) jun. 2002 (Charlie's show on wmfu)
mv & ee with the bummer road live nov. 2006 (stream on radio wne )
(ecstatic peace)

photo : "my & my" by ZB

bon week end _!