shake the dust of your low-cost coat, sit down in a sunspot and breathe...

photo zb
stw podcast episode 041

stw podcast : episode 041 (40' - 38mo)

Playlist :
my morning jacket - where to begin acheter/buy
the orchids - you could do something to me acheter/buy
joy division - I remember nothing acheter/buy
fulton lights - breathe in breathe out acheter/buy
dona confuse - texas valium soon/bientôt lacrymal records

kat flint - headrush acheter/buy
the battle of land and sea - six days acheter/buy
jacob golden - love you acheter/buy
tam lin music - porcelain boy acheter/buy
the atlantic manor - do you still have a heart acheter/buy

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bonus : (youtube)
my morning jacket - I will sing you songs
brian aubert (silversun pickups) - shadowplay
revere - come ye
jacob golden - weight

photo "tonight the bottle let me down" by ZB