the unbearable wait of the lightly bus and the pretty sad woman

photomontage zb
step lightly

benny golson
step lightly

Paleo's diary : one song, each day
nothing makes her laugh

(française version)
"Surprise ! quelle surprise ! trouver au générique du "Terminal" (vu en dvd chez des amis) l'un parmi mes, nombreux il est vrai, saxophonistes préférés, Benny Golson. Et comme ça se déroule là-bas, le choix d'un morceau extrait de "Benny Golson's New York Scene" semble à peu près évident...non ?"
A l'arrêt de bus.
A la jeune femme qui ne sourit pas.

(englikhtonian version)
"Surprised ! surprised ! to find with the credits of "Terminal" (seen recently in dvd with friends) one among my - and to tell the truth many of them are - preferred saxophonists, Benny Golson. And as the action is over there, the choice of a piece taken from from "Benny Golson' s New York Scene" seems merely obvious...don't you think ?"
He says.
At the bus stop.
To the young lady who doesn't smile.

benny golson
great day in harlem (wikipedia)

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