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the ball, the shoe 4
to heaven

love and rockets
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Paleo's diary : one song, each day
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"tchi tchip tchip tchip tchip...tch..." elles faisaient les jeunes filles vers dix heures, ce matin. A l'arrêt de bus. Quand un de leurs copains s'est joint à elles, il a fallu ajouter des "bro br br bro gr gri bro". Et tous ensemble ça donnait : "tchip br tchip bro bro tchip tch greu tchip..." J'ai revu le grand maigre aux cheveux courts de vendredi dernier. "Faut pas louper le match ce soir", il disait. Sûrement c'est sa ligne et son heure.

(englikhtonian version)
"tchi tchip tchip tchip tchip...tch..." the young girls made. Around ten. This morning. At the bus stop. When one of their buddies came, it was necessary to add "bro Br Br bro gr gri bro" because all together they went: "tchip Br tchip bro bro tchip tch greu tchip..." I met again the large thin man with short hair of last friday. "Don't miss the match, this evening", he said. Certainly, his busline and his hour.

love and rockets
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bon week end !

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