another good day to sing songs, more songs...

sunday mood19 si elles étaient magiques, ce serait mieux...
and if they could be magical, it'd be better...
Paul Fisher and the magic stairs
acheter/buy "it's a long time from a to b"

Paleo's diary : one song, each day
the bees and the birds

...then, if some time's left, you could listen all day long to
Ikhtonia (''merz, naçao zumbi, derrick harriott,i roy, calexico, van morrison, the stolen sweets,thomas denver jonsson, thomas & richard frost, mogwai, dawn landes,the minor leagues, evangelicals, bishop allen, can joann, foma, nickos kapilidis & the jazz utopia, at the spine, bethany and rufus...'')

You can also go and see the "festivale de football" series at you can call me Betty

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