the wind catches

minuit vingt cinq

...: 2.(1000)(13) :../2/.. Minuit 25 by Looks Like Miaou Ge mig allt by Tiger Tape Clowns by Fatti Frances Look Sick by Infernal Arms Gravity, Metaphorically by Touché Amoré Massive On Meat by Fun Labour by Baxter Stockman feat. P.D. 50s Dad by Kowloon Walled City I Love You by White Hot Noise  […]

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windy afternoon

...: 1/20-1-3. :.... Chuck Berry's New Sound by Handsome Bastards Zombie Eyed by The Dirty NIl Communion by The Grand Miracle Fake Disguise by The Murlocs Embracing Evil by Invasives Harsh Flux by Crystal Swells Teenager by Go Violets Your Side by FEAR OF MEN Oh Therese by Fire Island Pines Hey Ho,  […]

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the wind catches reprise

...restons en aux bonnes resolutions : de temps en temps une 'speciale' label. ce soir : holy page records.a good resolution : occasionally a 'special' label. Tonight: holy page records The Wizard Of Music Seeks Fantasy by Bikeula You Wanted it Too by Arcsin(100) Ancient Wave File by MARKETS Hard  […]

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